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“I can teach anyone to get what they want, but I can’t find anyone who knows what they want!" - Mark Twain

The Law of Attraction states that you attract in your life that which you focus upon.

How to make it work for you:

  • Become crystal clear about what you want.
  • Learn what is the soul’s desire and go with that. Clue: you may first need to be clear about what you DON’T want and reframe that into a positive want.
  • Express your goals in what YOU DO WANT and not in what you don’t want.
  • Raise your expectations to reach your goal, do what it takes!
  • Allow your desire to become your reality, fuel it with excitement and passion.
  • Express gratitude even before you have it! (the #1 secret for success!)

Our thoughts and emotions are our attraction base and we can unwittingly sabotage ourselves by what we say. Our language is a mirror to our internal mental world.

For example: “I want a new guitar but I can’t afford it”

A good beginning and then sabotage sets in, with our limiting belief and feelings of lack. We tell the universe we are not ready to receive!

Solution: Constantly reach for the thought that feels better! Challenge yourself to fly!



“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself” - Rita Mae Brown

Below is an offer for anyone interested in seeing how coaching can help them. I am especially interested in Entrepeneurs in the Service Industry! So please share this with others so we can collectively realize our dreams and our soul’s purpose AND better humanity in the same breath!

Feedback and questions are most welcome!

Have an inspiring and creative week,

Anna Parker - anna.sophiawisdom@gmail.com

Do you want to be able to work smarter not harder?

Do you want to take yourself to the next level?

Do you want to have an experience of how coaching can take you there?

Find out how you can do all of the above with a free 45 minute telephone coaching session available on Fridays.

Bookings are essential. To book your appointment, phone Anna Parker, Professional Life Coach, on +61 2 66854491 or anna.sophiawisdom@gmail.com

“Caring for your Business and your Life”


"I found Anna's services as a professional Life Coach have been invaluable to me. In the past I've always been one to read self-help books and try following what is in them to keep me focused on what I want in life. Anna has that special knack for being able to bring a FINER FOCUS and that extra motivation to do the things that need to be done to be what I want in life which reading books can't always do for us. If you want to improve yourself in life, I recommend Anna Parker for anyone who wants to move up to the next level in life."

- Chris Johnson, Business Owner and Entrepeneur, WA

"Within a few sessions Anna had replentished many positive aspects in my life that I had overlooked. I was so caught up with trying to achieve things in life that meant nothing to me. I realised how conditioned society has swayed the way I should be, instead of being me.

Anna has great insight. She delivers her knowledge with true Care & Love. It is wonderful to know that while being Coached to enhance your life, you are being cared for in the same deal. I recommend MpowerLIFE to everyone"

- Peter Moloney, Builder and Entrepeneur, Lennox Head, NSW

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