Welcome to the Sophia Wisdom Centre, a Spiritual Centre in Byron Bay, specializing in weddings, funerals and interfaith activities. My name is Anna Parker and I am the authorized celebrant and director for the Centre, assisted by my partner Andrew Mignot. You will find the Sophia Wisdom Centre objectives in the about us link, but primarily we honor the Divine Feminine qualities of celebration, compassion and creativity.


Life and love is to be celebrated. Whether it is birth, marriage, or death, life encompasses all. With my vast experience as a public speaker, event coordinator and creative director, and my many years as a celebrant, I can work with you to achieve the ceremony that suits you best, and can be inclusive of any spiritual path you wish to honor.

Pricing is flexible and affordable and I take into consideration each need. No wedding is too small or too big. I provide a professional service with love and care. See Ceremonies.

The Dances of Universal Peace are also a great way to bring connection to an event and to celebrate our Sacred Unity. I am a mentor and Dance leader. See interfaith activities.


Cultivating compassion opens our hearts to live life more fully. By empowering ourselves with communication and relationship skills and learning how to be present, we allow the seeds of compassion to flower. These tools can be found in Wisdom Speaks.

If you have a function coming up and you feel overwhelm or stress, you can find effective relief in the form of homoeopathics or essential oils, some of which I have listed in healing modalities. I am an experienced Homoeopath who is also available for consultations.


When we are creative, our Divine nature flourishes with the new inspiration, thus bringing centredness, and peace to ourselves and the world. My creativity courses not only through ceremony and ritual but also through the sacredness of music, art journaling, decorating coffins, poetry and drawing mandalas. May you be inspired by the Rumi quotes throughout these pages. Rumi is my favourite mystic Sufi poet. See inspirations.

Types of Ceremonies


Nihilesh & Prathayini



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Bill M.
Bill M.
“You did a fantastic job. It was all perfect. Thank you very much.”
Ben and Em
Ben and Em
“Thank you so much for helping us create a magical ceremony and officiating our marriage. You did a fantastic job of keeping us on track, giving us extremely thoughtful examples tailored to us and ensuring we were comfortable with everything down to the last word. You just seemed to make everything easy. And our guests thought our ceremony was just superb – both catholic and non religious!Our wedding was just spectacular and it will certainly by remembered for the rest of our lives.”
“Very professional and yet with a lot of heart. The ceremony was so beautiful and touched us deeply. It was exactly what Jocelyn would have wanted.”
“I liked the mixture of formality and informality, the humour and the poignancy-it was a great tribute delivered with much dignity”.