About Us

Objectives of the Sophia Wisdom Center

  • To foster a spiritual community that promotes the ideals of love, harmony and beauty.
  • To recognise that wisdom is not the exclusive property of any one people or religion but the heritage of humanity.
  • To recognise unity in diversity and one community formed by all the religions and all the prophets.
  • To foster a global ethic, a global nationalism that leads to a peaceful society and reduces interracial and cultural conflict.
  • To urge the community forward toward greater growth and fulfillment while embracing the divine feminine ideals of wisdom, compassion and creativity.
  • To meet together weekly on Sunday mornings and have a time of sharing the wisdom of the many different prophets, mystics and spiritual leaders. This meeting would be conducted by different leaders on spiritual themes designed for the upliftment and edification of the community of souls
  • To have weekly meditations, prayer time, healing sessions and devotional singing and dancing that honours the One Being, and the Divine Presence that dwells in each of us.
  • To be involved in charitable acts that help the poor and disadvantaged in the community.
  • To network the different functions of the Sophia Wisdom Centre to the public at large, creating an open space for devotion and worship.
  • To have annual spiritual retreats that would nurture the body, soul and spirit.

Who is Sophia?

Sophia, comes from the Greek and means “ wisdom”. As a feminine aspect of God representing wisdom (Proverbs 8), she is found in the hellenistic traditions, in Christian mysticism, in the Hebrew Torah, in Gnosticism and in Platonism.

Sophia introduces feminine insightfulness to partner with the Logos of God. Her voice has been suppressed through the ages, as she is the voice that expresses our wild, intuitive and creative nature, the voice that sees the interconnection of all things and honours the sacredness of all of life.

By honouring the Divine qualities that belong to Sophia, those of wisdom, compassion and creativity, we balance our head, heart and souls thus moving us toward Oneness and the uplifting of human consciousness.

About Anna.

As well as being a Celebrant and Homoeopath, Anna is an interfaith minister with over 20 years experience on the Sufi, Buddhist and Christian  path. In the Sufi tradition my initiatory name is Zebunissa, which I use in Sufi and dance circles. I have just finished a 2 year term as an Australian ambassador for the Parliament of World Religions, ‘Reclaiming the heart of humanity’  and am currently into my second two year term. www.parliamentofworldreligions.org,

Last year I had the privilege of presenting at the Parliament in Salt Lake City  on the sacred Divine Feminine, and also being part of the Dances of Universal Peace that brought people together from all over the world; See YouTube clip on Dances of Universal Peace.

Becoming a cheraga, a minister in the Church of All, has allowed me to celebrate and honour the Oneness found in all the great faiths. I have been a facilitator and Dance Leader for over 20 years and currently am a long standing President of the Dances of Universal Peace Australia. As a mentor for this spiritual practice of body prayer that elevates the soul from the mundane to the extraordinary and brings healing through prayer, to the earth, each other and the world, I train mentees to do the same.

I have a vast experience in creating ceremonies and facilitating small and large events, with dignity, grace, warmth and friendliness. As an authorised celebrant for over 10 years, I have facilitated many weddings, funerals, namings, interfaith gatherings and community events.

My journey of over 30 years in the healing ministry has coursed it’s way through homeopathy, herbal medicine, pure essential oils, flower remedies and hands on spiritual healing.. Recently I added Sound Therapy as a tool to help rehabilitate lazy ears. This modality improves hearing, tinnitus, concentration, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression, behavioural and sleeping disorders.

My creativity has always flourished through writing, soul collage, mandalas, art journaling and creating songs and dances. I have played the flute all my life, and performed in orchestras and bands, but now use my flute, to elevate souls into sacred space. Music is a passion…and I dabble in various instruments and sing in an acapella choir called Mystica.

What Andrew and I offer is an antidote to burn out, and brings joy and awe back to lives. It helps to balance the social activism that is needed to make change in our worlds.

About Andrew

Andrew and I have been in relationship for over 17 years. We are both instrumental for building spiritual Community, volunteering for Community Services and generally being helpful. Andrew loves cars and so rents a few out as a service. He is a fine musician with a beautiful voice, and supports me with live music for the Dances of Universal Peace as well as for our weekly devotional interfaith gatherings called Sanctuary. in Bangalow.

Sanctuary is an offshoot from Taize, but is eclectic in nature, in that we have readings from all different spiritual paths and teachers, and we sing songs in beautiful 2 and 3 part harmonies inspired by poetry, or spiritual chants . we also meditate together.


  • Funerals, Memorials, or Ashes Ceremonies.
  • Commitment or Wedding Ceremonies between same sex couple
  • Commitment or Wedding Ceremonies between couples who are already married or who don’t want to sign the legal paperwork.
  • Vow Renewals, Recommitments, or Anniversary Ceremonies
  • Namings and/or family Ceremonies