The Beauty Way Books

About the books

The experience of Divine Unity and Beauty beckons us to “come Home” and to find rest in the arms of the Beloved. The practice and contemplation of the Beautiful Names of God (wazaif) deepens the understanding of our life purpose. It allows us to view the world through the Divine’s eyes and to hear the world’s cries through the Divine’s ears, all the while experiencing the Beauty that surrounds us.

A Journey into the Beautiful Names of God

“Dear ones, I present to you a doorway to the Beloved in the drop of water.”

The practice of the Beautiful Names of God appears in many different languages, including Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic. In every spiritual tradition these names represent a vibrational powerhouse of energy. Through the Dances of Universal Peace, I was given the opportunity to explore these names and qualities of the Divine, as they appear in the Sufi tradition in the Arabic language. The journey eventually led to the creation of these books.

The following video contains all the mandalas from the books in a short 3 minute introduction spoken by Zebunissa Anna

Traditionally there are ninety-nine beautiful names, though in reality there are many more! Each of the 3 volumes of The Beauty Way has 33 Names and Mandalas included. All the names are considered to be the attributes of Allah, the One. Each name while having its own vibration, and atmosphere, still finds its home in the name Allah.

Allah, being the Name of Unity, is the universal blueprint of existence, and is greater than the sum of all the individual attributes. As we meditate on these names we discover these Divine reflections in ourselves. As Rumi said, lovers do not find each other, they were in each other all along.

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