Interfaith Activities

The Sufi Message

To realize and spread the knowledge of unity, the religion of love and wisdom, so that the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred caused by distinctions and differences may be rooted out. Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan.

I am an ordained cheraga in the Universal Worship, which honors all the spiritual traditions as coming from Sacred Unity. It is also known as the Church of all, of which I am an interfaith minister.

As a Sufi initiate and guide, I am a member of the Inayati order. This is an international organization dedicated to spreading the Sufi Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who first introduced Sufism to the Western world in 1910. The Sufi message proclaims the knowledge of Divine Unity-of all peoples, all religions, and all existence-and the religion of the heart awakened to the beauty in all creation. See and

Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace put into our hearts and bodies the awe of living, the love of the universe, the experience of community, the delight at the breath we all share, the coming together of the cosmos, psyche and deep ecumenism that the human race yearns for today.
In the pressing need to redeem worship today, the Dances of Universal Peace play a pivotal role. Because they relate macrocosm with microcosm ( universe with psyche), they provide empowerment to heal and to celebrate, to pray in a curved and cosmological manner, to include body at the centre of worship once again—Matthew Fox, author of “Original Blessing and the Coming of the Cosmic Christ..

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple circle dances where we sing songs from the many different spiritual traditions, which can be both joyful and meditative, leading to inner and outer peace and a change of state in our beingness
They were formerly known as Sufi Dances, but are now an international movement dedicated to Peace through the Arts .See
We do the dances locally and internationally and I am a mentor for this practice , and a member of the Mentor Teachers Guild.
To find a Dance Circle in your state see

The Parliament of World Religions

The Parliament of World Religions is the world’s largest, most historic and inclusive global interfaith organization. It is inclusive of members and leaders of all religious indigenous and spiritual communities, and shares in a common vision and action for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


The Parliament delves deeply on themes including Standing Rock, revitalizing the Climate Action Task Force to advance climate action in cooperation with the Interfaith Call to Action on Climate Change and women’s leadership. The latter is encouraged and promoted as vital to the global interfaith movement.

Anna was an ambassador for the last parliament which was held in Salt Lake City 2015. Anna presented on the Divine Feminine, as represented in various ways through the different spiritual traditions. The Parliament addressed indigenous issues, women leadership, faiths against hate, the end of poverty, climate change, and many other current issues. Ten thousand inspired folk were in attendance. There were over 1000 speakers and 600 different presentations.

The Parliament has various programs which you can find on their website and you can subscribe to their newsletter for webinars and up-to date information.

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