Life Stories

Why wait till you have departed this earthly existence to let others celebrate all that you have done with your one precious life. As a funeral celebrant I have observed that besides having to deal with grief and shock the family and friends are often left to deal with piecing together the departed soul’s life in pictures and words for the funeral, and yet there are often missing pieces that no one knows about .

Who knows your life better than you! Celebrate the pivotal highlights of your life in pictures , create a slideshow, write up your life story and the wisdoms you have gleaned from this life. All this can be left as a legacy for others and also reduce the stress load for those who have been left behind.

Working with your own narrative can reveal your patterns as well as talents and be healing on so many levels. Memories that are stirred can be used as a springboard for activating forgiveness for self or others, and for completing life’s business, mainly in the realm of relationships..

I can gently guide you through this process of recognition and letting go and help you to produce an artwork of your life story.

If you are interested please contact me.