Wise Women and Men Ceremonies

The Crowning Ceremony

The Crowning of Age Ceremony can be conducted for anyone over 55 years of age. The ceremony is a statement of conscious aging, and an honouring of one’s wholeness. The word crone has the same root as crown, and the original meaning is crowning of life.

In ancient times, the mature woman or man was revered as a community elder who embodied wisdom and knew the truth of cyclic existence. A Croning Ceremony acknowledges the wisdom, power and love accumulated within one’s lifetime. The crone is often in reference to the wise women mysteries. However I am taking a universal approach, as I feel men need to be acknowledged more than ever. The Divine Feminine can be integrated through the feeling function and ritual. The inner knowledge that comes with conscious aging, is accessible to both genders.

The Awen Ceremony

One such ceremony is “The Awen ceremony” practiced in the Celtic tradition. Loosely translated from Welsh, the word means ‘flowing inspiration’.

This symbol acknowledges an opening of oneself to truly and deeply understand, to carry the sense of connection and wonder at all times, and also to unfold one’s creativity.

During one’s crowning years, we see a diminishing of the ‘smaller self” that we recognise as our personal agendas. Wise men and women are being called to a deeper participation in the oneness of life, and the honouring of our interconnection with the web of life. The Awen symbolises this awareness of the entirety of existence and unity consciousness.

The three rays of the Awen symbol represent the three values of Druidism: the truth of power, the truth of wisdom and the truth of love … the three steps to “I am.” The outer circles represent earth, sea and sky and the 3 points the light of the equinoxes.
All too often becoming old in our society is not dignified to the degree it could be. Ceremonies for our elders are a platform in which we can express our gratitude to them and to pass wisdom, traditions and love from one generation to the next.



Conscious Aging

The Divine Part of us which is our soul, finds it’s embodiment in matter while here on earth. This is the marriage of the Divine Feminine and masculine referred to as the “inner marriage” in alchemical terms. The embodied feminine soul is quickened by the masculine enlivening spirit. Thus spirit penetrates matter as the divine feminine energy of Sophia, the feminine counterpart of God, the logos.

In practical terms this is the relating and feeling part of one’s life lived as consciously as possible. In all relationships the inner marriage is needed. Human love for someone else and not just your projections can be miraculous.

As we move on in our years we develop this feminine side of feeling, and the masculine protects it, opening the feminine to its full maturity. Your responsibility is one of becoming your spiritual self, recognising the wholeness of yourself and honouring the Great Mystery, in which we live, move and have our being.

With conscious aging there is no longer a personal agenda, and more of an opening up to the Oneness of all of life. We become aware of heightened sensibilities and the birthing of a new subtle light body.


Dreams as a Tool for Self Discovery

can be portals to your unconscious, bringing awareness to that which lies hidden from our view. Accessing the unconscious can provide a new release of energy and transformation.

Keeping a dream journal, aids in the important inner work of navigating this crowning threshold, as journaling can be a mirror to the soul. When we find the mirror and the projections we eliminate what is unnecessary in our lives.

As we go through the storms of life, the beauty and fragility of our humanity is revealed.

If you want to know more about how to celebrate and/or navigate the transitions of your life please contact us.